New Exhibitors

    Dear New Exhibitors, thank you for your inquiry. MissionFest will be taking a break for 2015 and will resume for the 20th anniversary in 2016. Please check back with us for details.

    New Exhibitor Inquiries

    Thank you for your interest in attending MissionFest Toronto (MFT).  

    According to our policy, NEW mission organizations requesting participation at MissionFest Toronto requires board approval.

    Please note that the MFT exhibit floor is comprised of a mixture of organizations: 80% missions/ministries, 10% education and 10% commercial.

    The purpose of being an exhibitor is:
    To provide information regarding your organization's mission work/education
    To provide opportunities for attendees to serve with your organization

  • We require the following information from your organization in order to be considered for approval:

    • Application
    • Statement of Faith
    • Statement of Purpose
    • Your organization’s legal status: Registered non-profit, Registered (charity, incorporated).
    • Your organization's Date of Establishment & length of operation
    • Complete address (head office and/or regional)
    • Affliation(s): Church, business...
    • Mission Statement
    • Organization's brochures/pamphlets
    • List of conferences you have participated in as an exhibitor
    • Focus for attending MissionFest Conference (Purpose of attending).
    • List of your organization's Board of Directors
    • Two references
    • Statement of activities (what your organization is involved in) such as:

    Training: Short term/long term? Community development? Tent making? Support services, etc?  What countries do you work in?   What age groups do you work with: Adults, Youth, Children, Retired or Semi Retired?  What People Groups you work with; Muslims, Hindu, Buddhists, Tribal People, etc?

    Also include any other relevant information that will help us get to know your mission/your organization better.

    Colleges/Seminaries please include the Missions courses that you provide, information on the Short Term mission Trips your school has being a part of in the past, and also what your school has planned for the coming year.

    Click here for a downloadable list





    Registration for all exhibitor booths is on a 'first come, first serve' basis.

    Once you have made your booth choice (see floor plans for booth availability) you can fax or e-mail your completed Exhibitor Space Application to put a hold on the desired booth choice. 

    All documents for the new exhibitor booth request must be originals, please mail or courier them to our office.

    Full payment of exhibit space, as contracted, must be made within 2 weeks of acceptance of your new exhibitor application in order to book desired booth location.  (Event Management reserves the right to refuse the use of space to any exhibitor who has not made full and final payment.  If payment is not received in 2 weeks the booth space will be given to the next interested exhibitor.)

    Please note that there have been changes made to the Exhibitor's Policies Manual in regards to the booth signage, display, apparatus and fixtures .  Please read through the manual carefully before you sign the Exhibitor Space Application. 
    Also, please inform your booth representatives of the new changes so as to prevent confusion upon Move-In.


  • The MissionFest Board may request for organization's application to include financial accountability.


    Thank you for helping us maintain the integrity of our Exhibit Halls. Please send the above information to our office. You will be contacted after the board reviews your information.

    Exhibitor's Policies Manual 2014

    Exhibitor Space Application

    Statement of Faith

    Exhibitor Sales Agreement

    Exhibitor Rate Schedule & Policies 

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