• Purpose

    MissionFest Toronto's purpose is to facilitate the gathering of churches, educators, mission organizations, and individuals from the Christian community; to work in unity in order to motivate, mobilize, and equip God’s people to evangelize, disciple and care for the people of the world.

  • How?

    • By complementing existing mission efforts.
    • By facilitating the sharing/teaching of experiences and knowledge about global, national, and local missions.
    • By providing a forum for ongoing dialogue and initiatives focused on mission work.
    • By providing mission opportunities for all (e.g. doctors, filmmakers, teachers, construction workers, students, homemakers etc.)


    • MissionFest Toronto acts as a hub for learning, facilitating, and networking. MissionFest Toronto provides partnership opportunities for attendees and participants from Canada and abroad; as they share their experiences and knowledge in order to encourage, educate, and enlighten people of all ages to engage in mission work.