• Vision:

    MissionFest is committed to:

    Celebrating the world-wide impact of Christian mission and God's love for all nations and all people.

    Challenging attendees and participants to learn about and pray for global, national and local mission concerns; to integrate into their everyday life awareness and passion for missions; to commit themselves to participate in the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

    Being a catalyst for the mobilization of human and financial resources for missions.


  • Objectives:

    To educate people in the Biblical basis of Mission work; as well as current world missions, by providing a venue for Christian-based mission organizations and ministries to showcase their programs.

    To demonstrate a practical cooperation amongst agencies, schools, businesses and churches.

    To provide short-term and long-term mission and ministry opportunities for people of all ages.

    To serve as a forum for recharging and rekindling compassion and prayers in the hearts of attendees for mission work all around the world.

    To serve as a platform for networking, with an exchange of information and ideas, to better equip our communities locally and abroad.

    To celebrate the work of missions and demonstrate that missions have been, is and will continue to be, an integral part of the Church and the believer’s life.